you're drummer is really good. lol is this a live recording? the drums sound like they're recorded really well. the vocals are a little too loud and they have too much reverb and the guitars tone needs a little adjusting, in my opinion. your keyboardist is also really good lol. i'm diggin that keyboard solo there. interesting song. not really my style. but at least you guys definitely are not bad.

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Well I played all the instruments so I'll take that as a compliment haha!

and it's not live the voices at the beginning and end were just added to fit the theme and to add ambiance.

And yeah I realize the vocals I'm fixing them now. Nothing I can do about the tone unfortunately but it's not a big focus.
Oh lol well that I cam understand. I didn't have a really good mic so I had to do something or it'd sound worse
That was a decent tune man well done, Im impressed that you played all the insruments yourself. If you had a better mic it would make a big difference to the vocals. I dont think you really need the voices at the begining and the end, just the start I think.

Would love your opinion on my stuff dude


Thanks man!
I really like the verse guitar groove, and the keyboard solo. Nice recording on the drums too. I think a slightly heavier chorus somewhere could do the song well. Also, your singing could use quite a bit of work - but it sounds great in some parts. Just keep in mind that less can be more, sometimes the falsettos or w/e got a bit redundant.

Still, I liked this song, it felt very conscise. Also, nice, tight playing!

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EDIT: just had to say I thought Give/Mend was great!
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