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Another question about using fingerpicks. I've asked my instructor but again I want more than one opinion. I use Dunlop finger picks on index, middle and ring fingers and a National thumbpick. One problem I've been having since switching is that I'm finding when I'm picking through a song, a scale or whatever that at times my finger tip will brush the string I'm playing and either muting it or causing weird harmonics. Sometimes it will even graze the string below. So I've come up with the idea of dipping the tip of the pick in hot water (a common practice) and slightly straightening the curve of the pick. The idea here is that it will elongate the pick slightly and put more room between the string and my finger tips. The picks fit very well and I would say that right now they stick out above my finger around 5mm or so. So, is this a good practice? Or am I just digging into the strings too deeply since I was used to bare finger picking. I appreciate all opinions.

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Sounds like you are digging in a little far imo. I'm used to not using fingerpicks so I'm used to having my nails around 1mm or 2mm above the tip (looking at your palm, you see 1-2mm of nail) since I like having the tone of picking with my thumb and it lightly brushing across my nail. I used to like having the sound of all nail but I got this sound once and I loved it.
Anyways, (now that I'm done with my life story), it seems like you could get used to just keeping your fingers away a little more. If you think it would be better to just try making them a little longer, go for it. If it works great for you, then just go for it. I really dont see too much getting in the way of doing it. If you are getting the tone you like with your technique then you should keep it. Only downside I could think of is it would sound a little twangy.
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