I'm planning on building a bass cabinet for a 15" driver with the dimentions of 21"x17"x11". I have everything drawn out but want to make sure everything will work before I blow a buch of money and mess everything up.

I am planning of having 6 pannels (duh) 3/4" thick of an unknown wood (suggestions?).

2 Top/Bottom: 11"x 17"
2 Side: 19.5"x 11"
2 Face/Back: 19.5"x15.5"

It should fit like this:

I don't know much about porting other than its to alow air in and out so the driver doesn't have to work too hard. Can the port just be a 2" diameter 9" long PVC pipe?

The driver im planning on useing is this one: Eminence Beta 15

This is what i have drawn out (Better on actual paper):

I feel that everything should work fine, after it's built I just put a grill on and somthing to protect the corners and is"s done right?

Any tips on anything (wiring, building, etc...) is greatly appreciated
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