Ok guys, lets see if you can solve this one for me ...

When playing my bass plugged into my laptop the sound played back to me is delayed by at least a second.

This is happening in a variety of programs (Adobe Audition, Logic, Cubase, Guitar Rig etc) and will happen if I plug direct into my laptop or via and external soundcard.

I have 3GB Ram and at least 140GB harddrive space free and Im running Windows Vista.

Any ideas, because Im completley stumped and searching through here and google came up with nothing.
it the d/a converter on the input device or sound card
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you have to get an interface to solve this problem. Just drag the track back a second or until its in sync...
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Maybe theres some settings on the soUnd cards driver. when you use a DAW or a program like Guitar Rig, you'll find a "driver settings" like button on the programs soundcard settings.
Asio4All is a free asio driver that fixed that problem for me. it allows you to adjust some stuff so you dont have that latency.
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Asio4All is a free asio driver that fixed that problem for me. it allows you to adjust some stuff so you dont have that latency.

are you and me the only ones who know about ASIO4ALL The "delay" or LATENCY is common with onboard sound cards, and actually some interfaces, and ASIO4ALL usually helps a lot. Just GOOGLE "ASIO4ALL"
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I had this exact same issue with latency. I got a $10 recording app from apple for my ipod touch called "fourtrack", and the thing is amazing. There's no latency, and overdubbing myself is now hassle-free with this. Sound quality isn't too shabby either.


Listen to "gone" and "this velvet glove" on the myspace to get an idea of the sound quality/quality of the app. I recorded those 2 songs with only my ipod touch w/ the app, the apple earphones that have a built in mic, and my $150 acoustic. That's it.

And if you don't already have an iphone/ipod touch, you can get one of the older models used for cheap and just use it for recording music (I think would probably cost 40 or 50 bucks to get an old 8GB one)
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A multi channel sound card would solve the latency problem too. Something like a M-Audio delta 1010 LT....It's actually the best way....play back on one channel, and record on another at the same time. But then again, you said you're using a laptop...........so I guess that won't help in this case.