Hey guys, looking to get some new pickups for my Ibanez ART300, seen as the stock ones are active I dont need to worry about space for the batteries, got a budget around £170, as much as I like EMG's they sound a bit generic nowadays so I want something a little different

Looking for these things...

Humbucker, active, heavy tone for a "Chugging" sound, high output, good for harmonics and riffing

something like this = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHYJ-XX86cE&feature=fvw

Humbucker, active, a smoother tone for soloing, lots of sustain

and something sounding like this = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEDB4xJsXVo

I know I wouldn't be able to get the EXACT tone but aslong as its similar I'll be happy I think that the one in the Buckethead video is a Dimarzio not too sure though

thanks in advance chaps
I used to nail the tone of ATRs Fall of Ideals with my EMG 85 in the bridge. A friend of mine had that same guitar and I didn't like the pickups either, but I picked up a set of those 85s a while back and I'd never buy anything else unless I had to. Just my 2 cents.

EDIT: I was also using the 18v mod.

Good Trades:
lp_dude_2 / miketheslut/ kshands / alexmack

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Seymore Duncan Blackouts Metal, I tried them and want to put them into one of my guitars
Vox Ac 30 (main)
Fender Supersonic with Krank Krankenstien 4x12
OR 50 with 4 x 12
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invaders???? shall i suggest? im gettin a green one for my bridge for christmas so i havent really playyed it! but it think it would be good.
Take a look into Iron Gear pickups, particularly the Hot Slag set.
Also, RockMonkey pickups are fantastic. You can email Chris directly asking for specific tones, and he'll custom wind you something brilliant.
Okay.... I'm thinking of getting;

Seymour Duncan SH-5 Custom : Bridge
Seymour Duncan SH-1 '59 : Neck

What do you think? Are these any good?