Should I go Agile?


I want to get a new guitar

I want a cheap but good Les Paul Copy

My mouth waters when I see the Agile AL-2000 CSB w/P90
Should I Get It???

this will be my second guitar

my first guitar is Ibanez Mikro BK

My friends at school all have Strats,Teles, Les Pauls and Explorers
I am not as rich as them...

I think the Agile guitar can stand up to them

Please help me find my right guitar!!!

I play 60s/70s/90s Rock/Blues/Progressive/Grunge etc

Favorite Bands: Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Beatles, Van Halen etc...
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agiles are supposed to be very good, i've never played one mainly because i don't live in america, but all i've heard about them is good, you may want to get one with proper humbuckers though
Excellent guitars for the money.

Swap in some new pickups, and possibly hardware, and you got yourself a pretty killer axe on a budget.
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You may want to read the agile guitar forum. I think you will find that most player are happy with the AL-2000. It might need a little TLC like a new nut/tuner and possibly pickup but for 200$, there is nothing that come to it in that price range.

I am waiting for my AL-3000 gold top w/P90. Should be in next week or so
Agiles are about on the same level as Epiphones. The 3000 series are arguably much better than Epiphones.
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i have played an AL 2000 and a 3100, the 3100 played better than my gibson and i was very sad, the 2000 played as good as my gibson and i was even sadder. i really feel like with gibson you pay for the name and for the looks (arguably, since some people will say that some agiles are better looking or what have you). i may say the 3100 is nicer than a gibson les paul studio, a decent well playing model i'd say, and about as nice as a standard model... if you dont mind having what some people call "a fake gibson" then i say buy a 3000/3100 and enjoy the hell out of it.
I just got an AL-3000 tribal blue for my eighteenth yesterday. The guitar came in 3 days ago, but my b-day was Saturday.

First off. Let me start by saying there is a god, and he knows how to get his damn moneys' worth. For $400 it came with grover tuners, one of the most uniform and functional tune-o-matics I've ever played, set neck, abalone inlays (wonderful touch), quilted maple finish, and alnico V's. It played just like my uncle's old '69 gibby les paul.

They're well worth the money. I can't speak for the AL-2000, but if you can afford the 3000, spring for it. The only modification I'm going to do to mine is change the knobs to a cream-colored speed knob set.
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