Ok, I have been playing under 2 years and can play iffy I guess, some easy songs like some Nightwish and a few children of bodom songs (only 1 solo though. bed of razers)

I never learnt any theory ( I tried once, but it confused the hell out of me) or many scales (know a few), and im not familiar with notes on the fretboard, I mainly just read tab.

Where Should I start?
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By learning theory. And seriously, you need to learn your notes. It's not hard, and it's pretty essential if you plan on communicating with other musicians.
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if you try to play more of the early children of bodom solos, it'll give you a good idea of the minor scale shapes. a lot of those songs were more straightforward D minor more than anything else, which makes it a nice place to start. when you feel particularly motivated, you can learn the D minor scale in every position on the neck.

i think to be able to improvise well (at the beginning level anyway), you need to be able to both play the key's scale up and down the neck confidently, as well as be able to quickly figure out how a melody in your head translates to the fretboard. sometimes when i'm bored i do this with the music i'm listening to: identify a melody that you think sounds cool, and pretend you have your guitar and you're going to learn it by ear. what frets are the notes on?

of course it's always good to do it the right way and learn some theory, but if you "don't have the time/patience" at this point in your life right now, you could try the lazy way.
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