I'm currently in the market for a new amp. My local store has a pretty limited selection but this Randall managed to sneak it's way in there. They have a second hand one which is in pretty much mint condition. It's the amp I use there for trying out guitars and I am quite fond of the thing. I just realised today that it's pretty much everything i'm looking for, 3 channels, at least 2 EQ's, High Gain. So, i'm seriously considering picking it up after Christmas. A few questions though. Does it take pedals well? What's the build quality like? Does it crash and burn whilst using Active pups? Any other information you might have?

I own the 2x12 combo version and use it with a schecter c-1+ w/ emgs. Active pickups enhance the amps already godly distortion channel. I will warn you that the distortion channel is a very dry and inorganic sounding but this is a plus in my book since i play mostly black metal.
To be honest, it's how I like to sound. When i'm at home, all I really play is anything with a nasty breakdown. Plus, even in my band, we tend to be a bit more ballsy than the originals, so it's all good.
I have the 75 G3 and used it for years and loved it...never played with pedals or actives though so I can't help there. The only pedal I ever used through it was a Boss AC2 (acoustic simulator) which sounded alright, but it's not exactly a high end pedal anyway, I just use it sometimes to smooth out cleans.

Back on topic, I really liked it, has plenty of gain on tap and sounded pretty good. I liked it so much that when I upgraded I stayed with Randall (bought a V2)!

Although it will weigh an absolulte tonne...I know mine does.

Apart from that, the only thing that could be a negative is it's quite dark voiced but that's easily solved with appropriate EQing
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