Hey everyone. Turns out I can play almost every Coheed and Cambria song but I have a serious problem. Turns out I cant sing while playing and im just wondering if it's because i play riffs not chords.

For example on Mother Superior and Always And Never i can play those riffs pretty damn good (props to UG users for helping me out with the tabs) but i cant sing along because i try to fit the guitar to the words, not the other way around. I can sing coheed and cambria fine (with the exception of his weird intonations on the high parts) but every time I try to play and sing shit just doesnt work.

Any tips or techniques would be pretty ****in awesome so please upload solutions or some shit. Thanks guys

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we have a singing forum? sonuva bitch!

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To answer your question I believe practice is the answer
I would say time it to the drums/count beats in your head.

I can understand on songs like "In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3", he starts singing "off the beat", as it would seem. But the song's in 6/8 (I think), and he starts on the next beat or so, making it hard to time where you need to start singing.

All I have to say is just find a part of the song you can follow to remind yourself of where to start singing. Might be hard when you're playing, as well, but that's the practice of it.
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No, he was being sarcastic.
To answer your question I believe practice is the answer

There's a singing forum in MT.
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Play Claudio's parts, there obviously designed for him to play while he sings. That's my guess. That and practice, I suppose.
Good luck producing the epicness that is Claudio's vocals.
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