Ive been practicing for 1 week
I learned sunshine of your love intro
and a little bit of free bird

but i dont feel like im making any progress

if I keep practicing do i have any chances of getting better?
just a little?
Try some easier songs first. My first songs were Beatles songs, they're quite easy.

Freebird is easy, but when it's hard it's stupidly hard.
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ah, the younglings, so naive. of course you'll get better with practice. one week won't justify progress, trust me. keep at it, keep learning songs. if you really want, look for teachers locally. personally, i taught myself for the first couple months. its a matter of preference.
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Of course. There's always a hump you have to get over when first starting out. Just remember to practice everything SLOWLY and ACCURATELY and one day you'll suddenly realize how much better you got
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yes if you practice hard and dont give up you will become better.
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Yeah.... 1 week is just a little too soon to start worrying about progress! Gotta give it more time dude! Just keep playin', & try gettin' some lessons. If you're short on time & money, just keep lookin up tabs, but try not to move on before you feel comfortable on a particular technique or song.

In the meantime, start reading these columns, trust me they really help!

dont worry about it, half the fun of playing guitar is learning, you'll get better
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hey evry1 is right. 1 week of guitar won't really help. look up 3 things as a basis. (just type in google or look for a book)
1) guitar chords
the first is important. get used to the major forms then work on bar chords work out the other extreme forms later.

the scales are essential for picking and finger memory. practice work slow get it memorized then get fast. simple. (tip for speed. use ur movements wisely. EX: pick with just enough movement to where u use the smallest amount of energy possible. get comfortable with keeping ur fingers close to fingerboard to help with fret changes)

arpeggios are also good. don't worry about doin it fast do it clean first. practice to help finger speed and memory.

speed and skill come with time. but this is a very good start. memory. then speed.
My advice is get something like Guitar Pro, or if you don't wanna spend, Tuxguitar (or Powertab, but I prefer Tuxguitar over Powertab).

That helped me so much when I could barely do anything.
I never even thought I was getting any better for like my first year and a half...

I didnt have any patience to learn whole songs and just wrote stuff on my own.

Later I went back to some songs I struggled with and they were super easy. Then it hit me how much I improved.

I have been playing so much in these past 4 days my fingers are hurting again... man I forgot how much my fingers hurt when I started... lol
You won't feel like you're getting anywhere for months, it's going to take you a while to simply get used to the feel of the guitar - no point jumping straight in and trying stuff that's over your head, you'll get nowhere fast.

In short, you need a teacher.
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One week?

Playing the sunshine of your love intro requires some precision, seems like you've gotten at least some progress.

It takes time...
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Hey i think differently from everyone here, 1 week you cant make a progress but in a month you might ,i,ve been playin guitar for 3 years , and my first year i was playin random chords i learned from friends and trying to follow songs on the radio, then i realized that a guitarrist is more than a chord player and i get to listen diferent music, watching new techniques its all about effort, i made more progress in 3 month than in 3 years 1 month might be all you need to play at least good : )
Of course the Sunshine of Your Love intro is going to sound like crap. That first bend has to be 100% completely precise and I guarantee you don't have the ear or the technique yet to nail it. Keep practicing.