Hey I own an ibanez RG420EG, and previously to owning this guitar i had never had experience with floyd rose. I need assistance in how to restring it effectively and tuning it thanks
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its not a floyd rose, it's an Edge III, but you can just look on youtube.... literally hundreds of videos on just how to do it. and you can see what to do rather than just reading how to do it

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Replace the strings one at a time. tis helps keep the bridge in it floating position, so you don't have to reset it.

snip the balls off a new set of strings, stick the end in the bridge, tighten that.
string normally(as few turns as possible). briing up to tune, stretch (thats important), tune again till tuning stays. rebolt the top and you should be done.

if it is completely out then tune E, then e, then A then, b and so on. to keep it balanced.

thts basic, but should give you an idea.