Hi, I'm new in UG and the thing is that I always loved electric guitars and now I'm decided to learn, I'm thinking about get a Squier Bullet, i know it's a cheap one, it can be noisy, but i think it's enough for a beginer like me... and I can't spend more than 120$. Do you think it can be a good choice for me?

And I was wondering about getting a practice amp I saw a great value, Marshall MG10CD for 100$, and that's all i can spend on the amp. Would you recommend me a good value amp?

I know you cannot get a nice guitar and amp for 220$ but It would help me a lot your comments, help me in the best way you can.

Thank you guys for reading this!
I'd say that you go for a Yamaha Pacifica. They start at about the same price. I have one and they are amazing! Very good value for money. As for the amp, i suggest that you do not go for the Marshall Mg series. They are really horrible. Look for a Laney LX15. Its a nice 10watt amp that's perfect for a beginner. Visit the Laney site for more info. If you can extend your budget a little, the Roland Cube amps, 15x and 20x, are also really good. I have the 15x and can vouch for it. However, you cant go wrong with the Laney either. And one last thing, avoid the Line6 spider amps. They are simply horrid!!!
So here's my recommendation and do tell when you get your gear!!
I saw a Vox Pathfinder, good deal, but i still have doubts with my guitar, I'm tring to find a good copy-good price guitar, i like the strat look but les paul i heard that it's not too noisy.
Please help i have to take a decission soon
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO don't get a Marshall MG10CD for $100. Even at $60 that amp is a terrible deal. No effects, bad tone, terrible amp.

Get this amp, it's like 50 times better except it's the same price:

For the guitar, find a used one. It's better to get a used $100 guitar than to get a new $120, so try to find a used guitar that is $120.