So im a bedroom player and id like to find good distortion sound . im playing like 1-2 watt maximum so i dont need power .. thats why im playing solid state cause i can put the volume at 1 or lower and get the same sound as 4 or 5 .

so i was wondering how a great quality preamp i.e a mesa boogie triaxis would do in a solid state amp or power amp like carvin dcm 150 , rocktron velocity or marshall valvestate ..

im playing metal mostly so im digging the mesa boogie sound at bedroom level . some simulationa rent bad .. but i was wondering if buying a mesa preamp would give THAT sound .

and im not one of those guy who think about attenuating a 100 watt tube at bedroom appartmanet level .

on youtube everyone who has triaxis has simul class 290 , vht 2:50:2 and other top notch power amp .

i never heard any demo of a triaxis played through a solid state power amp . would it get me the mesa tone . ???

would the distortion of the triaxis be superior to a metal muff or other disotrtion pedal .

so far the line 6 uber metal has suprise me . but nothing exceptional .

any idea how would it sound ????
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I'd go for used Boogie Studio or Quad preamp over the Triaxis. Both sound better stock IMO and do a better job at getting the classic Mark series tones (Mark 1-3) while the Triaxis is probably a bit better for the Mark IV type tone. You don't really want a lot of power amp distortion when using most rack preamps so you'll be just fine with an SS power section. You might lose a little bit of feel but that's about it.

If you do get an SS power amp, I'd try to get an old Mos-Valve one. They have a more tube-like feel to them and have a tone somewhat like the Marshall EL34 power amps.
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You have essentially described a hybrid amplifier. They work fine, and your idea will work fine, too. But be warned: first-rate tube preamps like the ones you have mentioned are by no means cheap. And please don't get a great tube preamp and then pair it with a poor quality power amplifier. The power amplifier should be of the same quality as the preamp.