I'm planning on replacing some machine heads and I don't really know what to get. I don't want locking tuners, right now I'm leaning towards ordering these
anyone have opinions on them?
I can't seem to find any reviews or anything that really tells much about tuning stability from one tuner to the next. Ideally I'd like to get the same tuners that come on a Squire Vintage Modified Strat because I have one and it stays in tune for over a week at a time. These http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender-American-Series-Stratocaster-Guitar-Tuners-set-of-6-with-Harware-101487791-i1388517.gc are the Fender equivalent to the tuners on that but they're obviously a rip off. Will the WD ones perform as well as those? If not does anyone know where I can get the Squire ones? (not from my guitar) And also how do people feel about guitar fetish tuners? They have a few models which I believe could be the same ones as on my strat.
Your first link doesn't work.
Anyways, the Squier ones are probably junk. I've heard the Wilkinson EZ lock tuners from guitar fetish are good, but you don't want lockers. Why is that anyways? Check out allparts.com for a better selection of tuners than guitar center.
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I can't answer your first couple questions, but I have some guitarfetish tuners on my old Squier Strat. I still have the stock nut on my squier, but, they have made an intense improvement on tuning.
I don't want locking ones because I've never used them and never have had problems with tuning stability. The ones in the second link are the Fender American Series Strat tuners. The ones on my Squire are the same design and they stay in tune for several days in a row playing about three hours a day. The thing is they're $75 dollars and if the cheap ones on my Squire are fine I don't see why cheap tuners would be bad. I just need to know what kind to get. I'm pretty sure I'm going to order from guitar fetish. These are for a MiM Cyclone II.