Hello all,

I'm curious: how are schematics made into point-to-point or PCB layouts? I'm constantly seeing all these schematics, but not a lot of layouts. I understand most of the symbols, but don't get a lot of the connections as sometimes it looks like its black spagetti on paper.

I've tried searching this over the internet, as well as youtube and other videos, but i'm not finding what i'm looking for.

Can anyone help me? It's something i've been looking at for a while, but never acted on.
A schematic simply shows the components and how they are connected to each other. That black spaghetti is wires showing what is connected to what.

Maybe this'll help.

Beavis Audio provides a good introduction to this sort of thing - here.

You might also check over at diystompboxes.com under the beginner project.
Usually pcb layouts are made by reproducing the schematic in software like orcad or mulitsim ect. then transferring them in a layout tool with all the component footprints and details to create placements and traces. Multisim and ultiboard are good places to start if you do wish to see it for yourself.