ight so a few questions here...

in about a week, my blackstar ht-5h will be arriving but i won't be able to use it till the week after as i will be gone hunting all week... i will be using a schecter damien for my guitar and a washburn WI14.

imma try and not push 100$ per pedal..


if needed... would the danelectro fish and chips be a good eq pedal.. i'm on a budget as i'm 16 and my job doesn't pay meh much..

again if needed would a hardwire tube overdrive pedal be a good boost for the gain channel.. or would i be better off getting a tube screamer.

onto a noise gate... which one would be the best on my budget?

chorus pedal for my cleans... which chorus pedal would be the best on my budget??

i will be playing stuff like slipknot/avenged sevenfold/rammstein/green day/simple plan...

for christmas or my birthday i might also get a dimebag crybaby from hell

i don't think i'm missing anything.. i am willing to go used.. as long as it isn't really scratched and stuff.. plus most of this i'll end up getting on ebay probally.lol
why not combine the money from a couple of those pedals and get one nice one? then save money for a while and do it again with the next pedal on the list?

my point is... why spend all that money on stuff you'll want to replace in a few months? why not slowly work you way into your final rig by getting one nice pedal at a time that you'll never want to replace? it saves a bunch of dough in the long run.
id say isp decimator for the noise gate u probly wont need a overdrive the ht-5 gets pretty good dist but id say a tube screamer for that
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U sure u want a floydrose? those things will make your nerves explode
well i'm not too great with pedals, i'm just big on saving money and getting good stuff... i've also had my share of bad pedals...

if i were in your shoes, i'd hold off on the EQ and gate until i had gotten real comfortable with my amp and fully understand what all it can and cant do. then i'd figure out what i need from there. out of all those listed, i'd shoot for the boost first. maybe a chorus after that. how do you feel about delay?

i've heard wonderful things about tube screamers. and i've never actually looked into chorus pedals...

my apologies for not being much help.
well yeh that is why for the EQ and noise gate i said "if i need it" cause i have a feeling i won't need a eq.. but you never know...

Delay... it's ok.. like if i got a pedal for free i'd use it.. but personally i wouldn't buy one.. unless like i said got it for free.. or found one extremly cheap and is a good brand.. Now if i need a boost then i'll get that first.. if not.. then i'll get the chorus first.. do you know a good brand for chorus pedals