I just got a johnson j station after seeing my old guitar teacher use one at lessons.
He would plug it straight into the amp somehow, but I cannot figure out how to do this. I would ask him how he did it but he got fired, so I don't have him anymore
I just want it straight into an amp, no cabs or other effects (I have other effect pedals but I'd rather not use them for home practice) or anything. My amp is a Peavey classic 50, and if it helps it does have an FX loop. I did read the manual and I did google it, but the manual must not have been right..
I'm not very good with gear, but also, how do I plug it into my computer? What cables and other accessories would I need.
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Plug your guitar into the input of the pedal, and from the output to your amp. Should be that simple.
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I've done that, but it still didn;t work :\
If it helps, the pedal has a guitar input, headphone out, and a left and right output.
I tried different combinations of where my cables went and still nothing..