Ever had a situation where you have realised a friend or family member has such a radically different point of view on a topic or just life that if you weren't friends/family you would hate them?
yes. i have.

views on friends decisions, music.
that's about it
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Yeah, most of the world is like that. You know - different views.
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Yup, everyone in my family is a conservative except me.
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half of my family is catholic...
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I'm like centrist/Libertarian/whatever, while everyone else in my family is really conservative.

However, they don't know that. If they did, things would be disastrous.
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Yes. My family members have some pretty different opinions on politics and religion. But it's alright. We try not to fight too much about it all.
Not hate, but I would really dislike my mother, she is racist homophobic and very negative about stuff, also she lacks any kind of initiative,
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My best friend is a creationist, as in the whole six day, six thousand years ago strict Biblical interpretation. I, being an atheist, am pretty much the exact opposite. He's cool with it though, so I don't bug him about his beliefs.
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Music for sure. I think everyone can relate to that.
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One of my friends is one of those people who think Obama is an actual Socialist.
A few of my family members are overly religious, but they all live a long way away from me, I'm glad I wasn't brought up in that kind of extremely religious environment.
Seeing as im a regular substance user, and my dad works for ERT ( the canadian swat) and arrests mostly drug dealers, you could say that, yes.
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yeah kinda. i live in the south so most of my friends are right wing. but we take it pretty lightly. they just call me a tree hugger and i call them gun toting racists and we move on.
My mom and I disagree on politics, and she and I both know it. We have at it sometimes, but maintain a decent level of respect for one another's opinions.

I also differ with her on religious views, but she doesn't know that.
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