If I took an Epiphone EB3 and threw a DiMarzio Model One in it, could I keep the original silver pickup cover, or does it HAVE to be the cover that comes with it??
I've never gotten a very good look at a DiMarzio Model One, but from what I know of it, I think you are going to have to use it as is. The pickup was designed in connection with Billy Sheehan, and he has said on several occasions that his pickups are built so that they dont move up and down under pressure, like normal spring-mounted pickups. If you can remove the cover and replace it with your stock metal cover, then it should work. But if the cover doesn't lift off easily once the mounting screws are removed, then I suspect it was designed to be an integral part of the pickup. Your best bet would be to e-mail DiMarzio's customer service and ask them. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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Much more help than I would've given to someone that impatient and rude.


Being rude will get you nowhere, TS. This is a forum so people arent going to respond immediately.
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Dude. CALM THE **** DOWN! This is not the pit, where you get spammed with responses within 1 minute. I'd actually concider shunning him for this behavior. It's not like you've been waiting for a month or so. And this is no serious matter.
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learn some manners, you would be best asking DiMarzio tbh.

Whats it with new forum users being rather abrupt like a bunch of spoiled 13 y/o's *rages*
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Tis your fault anyways. Two reasons.

1. You're rude
2. You bought an Epiphone
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well, i didnt mean to be so rude, but it just seemed like it was taking forever, plus I was ina pretty irritable mood last nite!!!
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Which is more important to you, the sound, or the pickup cover? If you want the sound, buy the pickup, install it, see if the cover comes off. If not, then your stuck with how the model one normally looks (IMO better then the original), if it does, then simply swap the covers since the model one is a drop-in replacement.
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chrome paint?
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i would just suck it up dude
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I'm really a guitar player, but I got an Epiphone EB-0 bass recently to dabble with, and possibly record my own demos. The bass was cheap (bought it used) but not cheaply made, even though Korean. Good sustain and playability. The stock pickup, however, was muddy and unresponsive. Notes would fart out too much on the E string.
The Model One is a bass position humbucker. This bass uses only one pickup. It's history is Jack Bruce, Andy Fraser, etc. so think about that deep bottom end, not clean and punchy like a good J-bass or P-bass. I like this bassy tone, but needed more headroom, more punch, more bite, since I'm using a small Hartke amp.
I got what I was looking for. The Model One retains all of the deep tone of the classic EB-0, but adds more top end to cut through a mix and liven up a small amp. I'm sure it's even better through a big amp
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