So i'm looking at the agile les pauls, and i have 3 in mind right now off rondomusic.com

the Al-2000, then the dauntless with emg's and the dauntless with duncans. the dauntlessness are like $70 more

I know everyone will say just go for the al-3000 but i don't want to pay that much, this isn't going to be my gain guitar or anything, i just want a decent les paul styled guitar to fool around with.
So would it be worth it to spend the extra $70 and go dauntless or no? if so, with which pickups?

i'm into hard rock/heavy metal, and southern rock..i plan on using this more for a hard rock/southern rock type guitar, for metal i figure my ibanez and future jackson rhoads v will be better. Mostly i'm looking for that classic les paul tone
I have also tried out the epiphone's, but the only one i would want is the $400 something dollar one so i'm not going epiphone

Thanks for the help!
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check the price for the pickups and see if you save or lose money if you get separate pickups.
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well, new pickups are usually around $70+ a piece so I'd say go with the Dauntless with Duncan's
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