Ok, so we have a singer, who is amazing at what he does, the sound would be crap without him. The problem is he is very shy, which isn't a problem right now while we are recording, but we are going to be playing out soon. I see him as being that singer that just stands at a mic stand and sings, without moving around much, and when the song ends just standing there waiting for the next to start. Now the rest of the band is ridiculously outgoing and energetic on stage. Could we make this work just having him, more on the side of the stage(where a guitarist usually is)? then having the lead guitarist and/or me(bass) doing the talking between songs and being the personality/frontmen. We will have mics already because we both sing backup.

Has anyone tried this, or have an suggestions?

PS. the genera is kinda of like Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, that kinda thing.
I've seen this situation in local bands in my area, It seems to work. I would try to push still keeping the singer more center of the stage i guess....But definately push your singer to be more confident, help him with it, practice makes it easier.
I think you guys are set up great. Because others also have microphones you can lead him along, and it's also moral support for him. My band has 3 singers, rotating leads. The main singer didn't start off with much personality, but it began to shine through after a couple of gigs.
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I see nothing wrong with it. You say he's a great singer, which IMO is better than having a guy who can yak it up between songs but still sing like crap.

I don't know your ages, but if you are young, then confidence will build in time. If your band is good and well received, then I don't know how any singer couldn't feed off that and come out of their shell.

Be thankful it isn't going the other way (crap singer afflicted with Lead Singer Disease).

In your stated musical genre the shy, kinda withdrawn, brooding artist image tends to lend more "street cred" anyways. Stick with him, have other members take up the random BS dialogue between songs, and let him come into his own.

Just word of caution on between song yakkety: Don't innundate the audience with low value talk. If you're gonna crack jokes, keep 'em short and be pretty confident that they ARE funny. It's a fine line to walk between entertainer and an attention ***** who likes to hear himself talk.
yea hes like 22 or so. So age should be the problem. But he is shy to the point where in 4 months in this band I can remember him saying anything like twice. The kinda person what when the group is just standing around bullshitting, would text you instead of opening his mouth.
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then having the lead guitarist and/or me(bass) doing the talking between songs and being the personality/frontmen. We will have mics already because we both sing backup.
This works, regardless of where the players are on the stage. Don't even worry about that part. But when it comes to the songs themselves, the appropriate people have to step forward. Most of the time, it's the lead vocalist who is featured. He'll be the one who the audience focuses on, when he's singing. This is the place where he needs to get past any shyness and sell it hard. You and the lead guitarist can add the continuity between songs. At least at first.
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Steal his mic stand.
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Don't judge him until you actually have a gig. Just because he doesn't talk much off stage doesn't mean he won't step up to the plate during a gig.

How he sings is much more important anyway.

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this works for a lot of bands, tbh, if you have someone else that can keep the audience entertained, then by all means use it. the lead singer in my old band would never talk to the crowds, but just about everyone else in the band did (except the bassist, he had an annoying habit of going "woohoo" mid song, so we took a stand off him).

if it works, why not?
well, think of AC/DC. the first thing you think of is Angus, who isn't a singer, and his shyness will go away over time. I mean, Jim morrison started all of the doors gigs with his back to the audience because he was scared, but then as they progressed he got better.
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The kinda person what when the group is just standing around bullshitting, would text you instead of opening his mouth.

sorry, gotta' call it like i see it... that's pretty strange.

does he have a reason to be shy? like is he the elephant man or something? barring that, maybe try some ego-building techniques? if you're younger (highschool) talk to a guidance counselor about ways to break his shell... they usually know a few good tricks. if you're older (say, college age?) i'm sure you know a psychology major who'd love to get his/her hands on a lab rat, oh, i meant "patient."

and if all else fails, hook him up with a hot piece of ass. seriously. even if you havto pay for it... just don't let him find out about that last part.
Get him laid, that should fix it.
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Maynard James Keenan from Tool still to this day stands on a podium in the back, beside the drummer.

I think if you guys can do the communication between songs and he just lays back and does his job, then.. You will be fine..
See: The Killers' singer. Most awkward non-moving guy out there.

Pour a lil whiskey in the guy's soda before the show... that'll get him loose but still coherent enough to sing the lyrics.
Are you guys playing in front of friends or is it going to be a gig full of people you don't know.
I ask because, the less people in the audience that know you, the less afraid you have of being judged. Keep in mind, if it's a typical gig, then nobody will know who you guys are. It's hard to explain the way I want to since I'm so out of it. But basically, let the singer know that he is free to act how he wants to act. Because he's in front of a group of strangers he might not even ever see again.
However, it is possible for one person to get the entire audience pumped up while the rest of the band members just do their thing. Like Thomas Erak in The Fall of Troy, I've never seen so much crowd interaction in my life. Or Daron Malakian when he was in System of a Down, Angus Young of course. The whole band doesn't have to have great stage prescene in order for a great show if you have that one member who sticks out as the "entertainer" ya know.
The Ramones had the same situation. It worked for them.
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Sounds kinda like me, it took me ages to talk to the audience a couple of times and I still feel weird doing it even though I'm lead singer and play guitar.. it's weird because everyone like stares at me when we sing and after the song I just say "cheers" and tell the band what song we should do next, or someone in the band will call the next song out.

I get the lead guitarist to do all the talking unless I decide to say something but it's usually not much..

But I feel like I'll get there, we have some gigs lined up but I been playing in front of people over a year now and been part of this band for a couple of months and constantly we play at jam nights and various events we get invited to.. and I'm still mic shy when it comes to talking.. not shy at all when I sing, I try to look at people instead of looking at my guitar or random things around the world.

Tell him to try looking at people more often to get him over any nerves, and include him in any conversation you have on the microphone, even try talking to him oer the microphone, I always respond on the mic when someone talks to me on the mic even though they could be right next to me.
Quote by Myke.
Maynard James Keenan from Tool still to this day stands on a podium in the back, beside the drummer.

I think if you guys can do the communication between songs and he just lays back and does his job, then.. You will be fine..

I was thinking the same thing, watch any recent live Tool videos and you'll see they are set up pretty much in a line across the stage.

If I were you I'd be more worried if he could actually sing in front of people and not freeze up. Not many people have the guts to sing in front of a crowd. Maybe try a test run for some friends and family to see how he does.
It doesnt matter at all, check out Terry Hall from The Specials. He just stands there while the rest of the band go batshit around him.

Ian Curtis, just stood there most of the time as well. Except for when he was having a fit, obviously.
Early Ozzy Osbourne.
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I've seen a few bands do that, an example is Fall Out Boy, the bassist does all the talking, not so much as the singer. He's basically the frontman. That's just one example. You'll guys be fine the way you're doing things. Keep it up!
my band does it. our singer is really shy, so me, the other guitarist, and the bassist talk to the crowd
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how about that mysterious lead singer just get him to hold the mic stand on abit of an angle and sing
hopedfully is confidence will build in time
and until then you keep talking to the audience in those bits
and keep the stage presence up yourselves
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