So today I took a drive down to the only Guitar Center that has Mesas in Los Angeles and to possibly find a new cabinet. Turns out they had a whole room with about 20 mesas and a few Marshalls. After a little waiting (and hearing a 8r00741 guitar center kid playing the b52 half stack with gain 10 mids 0 treble 10 volume 10 and sloppy metal riffs) , I went in by myself and played a few amps for over an hour.

Guitars I played with:
-Paul Reed Smith McCarty
-Gibson Les Paul Standard Traditional Plus
With each amp, I played each guitar through and went through the channels.

First off, Mesa Roadster Combo.
This amp is truly amazing, but it did have a couple issues I did not like. First, on channel 1 (Lonestar channel), it doesn't stay clean for too long, I rolled back the guitar volume pretty low, and when you gradually bring it up, it starts to break up, and it has this same effect when raising the volume past 12 o'clock on the amp. Second, you'd expect this amp to have loads of gain, right? Not really, I played channel 4 with the gain maxed and it had much less than I expected. But like I said, this amp is very responsive to changes in guitar volume so turning the volume did definitley assist in this issue. This is true for all the channels. I really only got mess around with channel 1 and 4 really. Another thing is that this is definitley not a Recto, and this is definitley not a Mark either. It did not seem flabby and loose like that signature Recto tone, but it wasn't extremely tight and powerful like a Mark. Overall, just from playing those two channels mostly, I could tell you can get every tone out of a Roadster if you know how to properly work with your guitar volume and make adjustments in the amp accordingly. It definitley has that Mesa need to tweak it, but once you hit that mark, it's perfect.

Second amp, was the Mesa Electrodyne. Put it at 40 watts and had the volume and master all the way down. Even at 40W and with the master at about 12, and volume down pretty low maybe around 10:30, it was still extremely loud! Way louder than the Roadster, I had the Roadster set much higher, and it wasn't extremely loud. But when I turned the volume up on the Electrodyne a little, it shook the room! The EQ is very straight forward on it, but little tweaks do definitley affect the amp, big time. First, I played the High channel, and all I can say is that it kicks ass! The overdrive on it was very thick and smooth, and the amp was great at picking up all the harmonics of the guitars and it had great sustain, the notes rang out forever. I can only imagine if it was cranked. But the overdrive on this is not like any other Boogie amp, as expected, totally different beast. Moved over to the Lo channel, didn't really play it for that long, but it still had plenty of rich gain on it. I turned up the guitar volume and amp volume it definitley reminded me of some AC/DC or even Black Sabbath. With the volume rolled down, it definitley cleaned up nicely, like the Roadster. They are similar in that sense. Last channel was the Clean channel, I had the volume the same from the Lo channel, and it broke up somewhat, this channel was more respondent to the amp volume then the guitar volume IMO. But as a whole, this channel stayed clean all the way up to the very highest setting. I like the cleans on this amp better than the Lonestar.
Overall, this is one of the best amps Boogie has put out. Suitable for Jazz, Country, Soft Rock, Hard Rock, you name. Great for anyone who has been daunted by some of the confusing EQ of Mesas.

Amp three was a JVM410H. I have already played this a bit, but wanted to try it out against the Roadster again. This amp really gets quite the hate on here, but seems to be loved everywhere else. Personally, I think it's a great amp if you know what to do with the EQ. The key is to never set the gain past 12 o'clock on any channels, or else you get dreaded fizz. All the channels on this are pretty great, especially the clean channel. It nails the 'hot-rodded' Marshall tones pretty good, but isn't extremely close, it get's you to the bleachers, but not the box seats. I'd consider this amp a gas killer. My favorite channels were the crunch green mode, sounded very Plexi to my ears, and OD1 Green, sounded like a boosted JCM 800. I don't play anything remotely high gain, and didn't really tamper around. But they sounded okay, but I don't have the metal ear.

Played the 205H also, and I think it sounds better than the 410H. They are very similar, so I don't need to go over it much.

Also, played an ENGL Powerball and hated it.
Pardon the crap pictures

That's about it, those are my thoughts. Thanks!
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try a mark v thank me later
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No guitar reviews?
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No guitar reviews?

I'm pretty sure both the guitars he used were amazing.

Anyways, nice reviews again, thrasher.

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Nice reviews
I agree with you about the JVM I thought it was pretty good, the Red channels I didn't really like though, I kinda thought that you got more than enough gain using the orange channels
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Thanks everyone!
Well, the guitars are amazing. I also forgot to say I played an EBMM Axis they had in there, it was extremely nice , but there wasn't really anything to it.

OD2 is like an amp with the gain maxed and then the chance to do it even, which results in it not sounding so good.