The title is a bit self explanetory. are there any programs that will display a tab based on what you played? for example if i played One by metallica the program would come up that i played like 2-4-2-0. you get what i mean people...i hope
the technology is not accurate enough. There are programs that can analyse a monophonic tune and convert it to midi data, but it's not possible for chords really.

I think guitar pro accepts midi input actually.. maybe you best best would be to get a synth pickup that can output midi information?
There are but as Ibbod0 said, they're not close to being accurate. A lot of this has to do with pitch recognition. Most of these programs can't differentiate between the note and the overtones that are a part of it so you end up with one note looking like 3-6 notes. Same goes for timing. Human timing is far from being accurate most of the time and programs can't accurately assess intention so you'll end up with timing that will be a mass of 64th notes and rests.

Transcribe it yourself. If nothing else it will make you a better musician.
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