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12 43%
3 11%
No and im talking shit
0 0%
Yes and i hate hyporcrites
13 46%
Voters: 28.
Ah me too. everyone is.

My worst one is I give my Girlfriend shit when she eats when we talk on the phone, but I do it all the time
GO Islanders!

i call people while on the toilet......... but i hate it when others call me while they are. that's just gross
Just a little like most people; I'm not a serious hypocrite who does everything that I say people shouldn't do
"There are 2 kinds of people i hate in the world:

People that are intolerant of other people's creeds, and the dutch."

But on topic, no i am not a hypocrit.
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Well sure, everyone is.
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This sentence is false.
the jonas brothers are sooo
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Isn't everyone?
There is a war going on for your mind.

If you are thinking, you are winning.

Resistance is victory.

We are building up a new world.
Do not sit idly by.

If you don't think you are a hypocrite, you are either Jesus, you're lying to yourself
I am the only sane person on the planet. Does that make me crazy?

Crank the Mids
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Everyone is, and if you say you aren't then you an aloof poophead.

I am the only sane person on the planet. Does that make me crazy?

Crank the Mids
I'm a hypocrite for hating your bad spulling of 'hyporcrite'.
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Don't acknowledge right, just dwell on...


This spot in Hell...

...Is where I belong
I bitch at my mom for texting and driving...

...but i do it too...>_>

...so yes
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Well Taz is just full retard
I think you'll find that the more acceptable term is "australian"

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I would have consensual relations with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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I'm a hypocrite for hating your bad spulling of 'hyporcrite'.

my spelling isnt bad, or nasty.. its incorrect.