Hey guys, I have completed 3 semesters of mech engineering and am doing ok, but realized i really dont like it and do not want to do a career (or 2 more years of school for it) in mech engineering. Anyways, I really want to switch into psych starting next semester as I love this area. I spend hours upon hours a week reading books on conciousness, the brain, dreams, perception of reality and stuff and have deep interest in this area. However, I do not want to jump into a major that is unrealistic as far as supporting myself. So my question is, if anyone has a psych degree or expereince in the area, any insight on potential jobs, etc would be great. If I went the route of psych, I would not want to teach in a classroom, I would probably go on to get a ph.D. Are there any jobs that do research and studies on this area, as I love thinking and coming up with theories about things. Thanks in advance for any help.
If you do go on to get a doctorate, there should be plenty of options. But if you stop at just a Bachelor's degree, I don't really know if Psychology would be that useful. I realize that didn't help at all, but when I go to college I wanna major in Psych, so I'm kinda looking for the same info you are.
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My psych teacher in high school was a shrink he loved it and just kept the teaching gig for something to do since he didnt have many patients. He loved it. If you get your doctoral in psych you will make more than enough money to support yourself.

As for potential jobs you could do counseling (child, adult, school) , be a shrink (i think they get paid my patient) , study criminal minds, there really is a lot of different fields.

I'm even considering it as psychology as a potential career.
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Clinical psychology would be the big one if you're willing to get a PhD.
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There is tons of stuff you can do in research!!!!

You could do lab research, where you work with animals.

you could do field research, where you work with people.

You could do experimental research, where you obviously design and perfom experiments

you could do this socially, cognitively, behaviorally.

There is virtually a ton of research options in psychology.

And that isn't all, you could also look into Industrial-Organizational Psych, which would be interesting since you already have some engineering under your belt. Or there's clinical psych, where you could be on a client-doctor basis. Or there's neuro-psych, where you can consult with brain surgeons.

I used to be a psych major. That's my knowledge. good luck!
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First semester in college I just went through some of the same realizations that the OP went through. Well, mostly anyways.

Electrical Engineering, and while I'm doing much better then everyone else in it I don't really find enough interest in circuits to hold my attention. So I'm switching to a little wider field, computational, optics, and engineering physics. Won't get paid quite as much starting, but I should get paid more after ten years or so and have more options to work on a phD. And it will actually be interesting to me all the way throughout college. Hopefully anyway.


My next option is psychology, as I enjoy that field to. Just know that you won't get anywhere with less then a masters, and that the competition to get into masters and phD programs is really high. Not because the work is hard though from what I understand (Not that any masters is "easy"), but because pretty much every school that has a program doesn't accept many people into it every year.

But I'd be a horrid psych anything. While I like the analyzing people and fixing situations from a logic point of view, I don't actually like people in general. I just like to sit in my safe castle of assuming everyone is an idiot unless proven otherwise. And physics is philosophy to me. I just like that way of thinking.

Blah. more ranting. Sorry. Go forth an work hard in college, but do something you like. High level psychology is pretty in demand from what I understand virtually everywhere.
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I've been thinking about heading into Psych after I finish school, the only thing off-putting is I know I'm lazy and impatient and the 6 years or so of uni is a bit daunting for me. I'd rather be able to jump straight into something or spend less time studying once I leave school.
Currently getting my Bachelors degree in psych.
Make sure it's what you want, and make sure you're willing to put the effort in to make you top of your class. You will need to compete for places, so being better than everyone else is essential. Make sure you're dedicated, because you're not going to earn the big bucks (in clinical at least) until you get a PHD or professional qualification, which will likely take you till you are 30. If it's not absolutely what you want then you won't b able to stick with it for that long.
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