I'm just sitting wasting my time away
nothing to do, day after day
so i decided to make a rhyme or two
that i'm just thinking up in my mind for you
so i hope you enjoy my rap
and if you don't you can say that it is crap
just post a reply it will be below mine
and i'll take your criticism, i'll be fine
if you say it's really bad, I won't cry about it
I just thought it up in about a minute
so I think I'm done and I'll hit submit
but hold on i gotta think up a title for it
i'll probably be waiting an hour or two
just thinking up a title that is good and true
maybe that is what it should be called, good and true
i think it's pretty good...how 'bout you?
It's your birthday, hot dog!
This made my night lol
but the flow of the piece was kinda set off by all of the "it" 's and "it is" 's

Aside from that thanks for the laughs before I called it a night.