I've always loved Nine Inch Nail's grinding ambiance (for a pretty exaggerated example, look no further than The Great Destroyer from 1:50 on), but whenever I want to add some heavy ambiance into my tracks I just don't know where to start. It's a lot of trial and error, obviously, but I'm wondering if you guys have some resources, tricks, or pointers to help start thinking in "noise"?

Instruments, effects, techniques, etc., anything that might spice music up with some heavy distortion. I'm currently using FL Studio, so there's a lot of post-processing available to me, but I'm not sure where to start.
122 views and no responses, hmm. Maybe I'll just go through said trial and error and come back with a more refined question. :P
Do you double track? If not then try it.

The reason probably you didn't get a response is because you're in the wrong forum. Try this again in 'Riffs & Recordings' section.
Try some multi-band compression, that really helps make it fuller (tutorial video).

I agree with YA89. Try some double tracking (video 1 & video 2).
Also this is in the wrong section, you would probably get more replies in Riffs and Recordings.
Noise guitar is all about relentless individualism, so it's really hard to isolate it into a series of "Techniques".

What I DO know for a fact is that Trent Reznor is a slut for his Fuzz Factory pedal, and he's also partial to bitcrushing/pitch correction (esp. on The Slip). At least 80% of his sound is in the studio, IMHO. Not that it's a bad thing. If you really want to do the Reznor thing, you'll need some serious VSTs:

^FREE bitcrusher and pitch corrector.. Really good effects.
^Glitchy little fun synths.. Ritual is PERFECT for anything Reznor.

You could also take a look at Catalinbread effects and Deviever. Deviever is cheap and cheerful, and you can run a danelectro distortion through Devi's eye of god or Spectacular Aenima and make it sound like the presence bursting out of the sky.
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