Forgive the cheesy name heh heh.

It's a track that is split into four distinct parts. Have a listen and gimme some feedback!

I used:
M-Audio Fasttrack to get the guitar into Guitar Pro 3;
Addictive Drums, for the drums;
Trilogy Bass for the bass;
And all of this was put into Ableton Live 8.

Track is in my profile (Four-Part Faux Pas).
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I'm not a big fan of the panning choices. You should have the rhythm track more to center, a tad to the left perhaps, and then put the bass a bit to the right while the lead takes center stage. It feels kind of lopsided right now since the rhythm guitar has so much more "weight" than the lead. You get better balance for the fourth part at 1:53 or so when the lead guitar plays more rhythm-oriented stuff. I personally liked the funky third part the best.

And the name was appropriately descriptive I think...
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