hey i play in a grunge/alt rock band. im looking to get myself some basic pedals. rite now i plan on gettin a vox wah, russian big muff, and ehx carbon copy delay. would that cover enough for me or am i missing out on something? also how should i use the muff for rhythm and solos? should i use a boost of some sort, like the mxr micro amp for solos?
Nah,. turbo rat my friend is the pedal.
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i saw a rat 2 demo i think and it sounded waaay too treblish, almost shreaking and without a tone knob i doubted if that could be rectified. still i was thinkin of getting it as i have no idea if i need two pedals at diff settings for switching from lead to rhythms or a boost will be enough. i've used a zoom G2.1u all this while n have no experience in single effect pedals.
In my experience with the EHX big muff, it's really good for some nice chunky, gritty rythm tones, but with solos it's not so great, when you play single notes mostly higher up the neck it just sounds a bit weedy and.. meh, could be better. That aside though i'd definitely reccomend one, they're pretty much synonymous with alt rock and grunge as you're going for.
Try experimenting with them once you get them to see what you like. Also i'd recommend an EHX Holy Grail (reverb) and some kind of chorus pedal. The most important part of your sound will be your amp. Also, would you mind giving a better example o the sound you're going for?

EDIT: I also recommend the Turbo Rat for distortion over the Muff. I'd rather use the Muff for solos if set it to have a thick fuzzy sound. With that set, you might need a noise suppressor too once you're done with your chain.
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so a turbo rat and big muff for distortions, a wah, and a carbon copy which also has a chorus setting will be enough to start off with??
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EHX Carbon copy?

You mean MXR Carbon Copy, the small one with the green sparkle finish, RITE?

EDIT: Anyways, yeah, I think that should do more than fine!

oh yeah! sorry bout the typo. yeah i meant mxr carbon copy. musta been thinkin of ehx at that point. lol
and wats the best way to power them all?

EDIT: and wats the difference between a carbon copy and a memory boy? the memory boy seems to be a lot cheaper.
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^the difference will be tone, try them both and see for yourself
you might also consider the USA big muff, it's as good as the russian (some will say better)
maybe you could look at a chorus too, they can be quite important in alt rock/grunge, such as an EHX small clone.
if you want to power them all, there are a few daisy chains or power blocks you can get, daisy chains are cheaper though, carl martin makes a cool daisy chains that comes with adapters for all kinds of pedals (will be useful for the big muff --- the american has a phone jack input and the russian has no ac outlet, so you need to put a jumper on the battery thing --- and the small clone if you get one) and mxr has a power block that powers, IIRC, 6 9v pedals and 3 18v ones.