Everytime I get pissed off or really upset I cut my guitar...the size is determind on how mad or sad i was....

Call me crazy but its better than cutting myself

anyways my guitar looks pretty dope now

does anyone does this ?? or similar ?
I have a couple things on my acoustic, but it's just because I'm bored. I have my initials on it along with other random lined and stuff. I would never do it on my nice guitars. But whatever floats ur boat man. Just curious, which guitar do you do it to? You have some pretty nice ones. You should post some pics.
Woah. Aren't you hardcore and unique.
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does any1 know where I can get a fender les paul? i always only see 1 or the other but i want one thats both.

You got an issue, buddy...

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No. I'm smart enough to realize that every scratch takes a couple bucks off the resale value.
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for one does not simply walk in to a spinning propeller

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I lol'd at this thread. No, but once I swung my guitar around and hit my sister in the head with it because I was really mad. Why is this in the electric guitar forum ?
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If you're cutting the PRS please send it to me mate I'll give it the attention that she deserves. But yeah go tell someone who cares or pretends to like a psychiatrist or something.
nah my prs is fine...i cut my strat cuz the prs is brand new
I never get mad or sad - if I do I´ll let you know what happens.
If I ever do get angry or whatever, I use it to play something. Different emotions make me play differently, and I come up with different melodies.
better than cutting yourself (not reccomended)

but wanton destruction of something you may adore and take pleasure from is more than a bit weird

probably better just to goto a remote location and scream your frustations at the world or get a punchbag and beat the crap out of it.
Take your emotions out WITH the guitar, not ON the guitar.

(not in the sence of smashing/hitting things WITH the guitar)

Just play certain things on it when you get angry, sad, happy, etc etc.
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It's not better than cutting yourself. Cutting a guitar that nice is a crime punishable by law.

You have problems.
Call me Cahum.

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