I did this song and I'd like to get feedback from it. I have been intending to record it, so can anyone sing like Zakk Wylde or something like that?

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I'm not in stoner metal at all But i can feel the vibe of this song.
And it's nice! I really appreciate some slower heaviness. (like the need for repetition -BTBAM)

Overall it's a nice song bro! and i like the drums as well.
There could be a bit more variation, but maybe that's the way it is with stoner metal?


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Nice cool riffs. Makes me feel very chilly, would wan't to smoke some cigarette and drink beer or something. Very nice solo and got to say that very nice bass line.

I didn't like some high notes anyway. Also chorus is pretty boring, vocals may fix this problem. This is better than my songs, thanks alot anyway for 8½ .

8½/10 for you too . It would be 9½ If chorus would have been more intresting.
It's cool. I thought that the chorus was boring as hell but the rest of it made me want to go smoke a joint. Nice on the guitar solo. 8/10
Like It. Repetitive, No Too Original But That's Groovy. The Solo Part Was Very Nice, No Off Notes. 8/10 In That Genre. Otherwise It Would Be Like 6.5 Or 7
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Thanks for the crit.

The intro was cool, really good head banging riff.

I didn't like how the riff at bar 21 repeated 4 times, it was interesting enough to be repeated that much IMO.

Overall, I felt like the song was too repetitive, it gets pretty boring when all the riffs are repeated that much.

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The intro riff is really cool, especially on the raita 3. The bass harmonizes really well.

The next part is kinda generic, but it works.

The solo lick is cool. Once again, nothing special, but it works.

When you break back into the main riff, it's very powerful.

The next solo is nifty as well.

Drum work is very solid. All in all, good song. 8.75/10.

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First riff is pretty cool. Good groove going.
Next riff is awesome too. I love the off beat quavers.
Awesome lead over the next riff.
Nice variation of the first part.
Solo is awesome.

I think instead of just repeating the chorus (I'd assume) over and over again toward the end, come up with a new section before it, or have chorus, new section, chorus to end it. It's a great piece but it's overall too short.