so i originally started on my acoustic guitar which was my fathers (such an original story ) and then i got my electric

obviously im now back into acoustic and deceided to tidy it up a bit

the action was terrible but it was not because of the truss rod (which was perfectly straight), the neck was slightly high than it was meant to be. we took off the neck and found out someone had stuck a paper inside which elevated it. my dad though it was in order to reduce some fret buzz but im not sure. anyone has any ideas what this was used for and if we put the neck back on would it buzz?

the inside of the body is filled with dust which i would like to clean out. instead of just sticking a vacuum inside i decided to ask you guys what i can do...any ideas?

there are cracks in the varnish, does anybody know if i can repair this?

i would also like to try and date it...it is an eko navajo 6...i presume it is from the 1970s as my father had got it second hand. there is noserial number on it, just a paper stuck to the back in italian (this is where ekos come from) but it does not give a date.

thanks a bunch
circa 1973 from this website...


The varnish can be fixed by sanding down the cracks and re-varnishing it.

If you are planning on fixing it yourself I would do some research before you glue anything anywhere. Taking it to a luthier would be the best bet, if I was you.
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dont worry its not reglueing...its a bolt in neck
any ideas for cleaning the inside?

thanks for the date
thanks...but what about that little piece of paper that i found? any ideas whether that would cause buzz or not?
I don't really understand where you found it... in the slot where the neck goes? was it pushing it upwards towards the top of the soundboard or up from the body?

Just put it back on and play it. I don't understand how fret buzz would be fixed by paper, as the frets would stay at the same height as the strings regardless of the paper being there or not - unless I've misunderstood.
the paper was between the bottom of the neck and the body...in the neck slot
because of it the neck was slightly higher than it was meant to be
my father said they might have done this to prevent buzz

tbh i have no idea why anybody would stick a paper between the neck and the body
a single piece of paper sure wouldn't raise the neck much. was it just one flat sheet?
Take the piece of paper and play it and see if it buzzes. If it does then you should take it to a guitar tech and have it set up. Have him put a bone nut, saddle and bridge pins on it. I wouldnt' mess with the finish at all. You will most likely make it worse and if it has a laminate back and sides or top you will most likely go through the top layer of wood then you're screwed.

Oh and put the cornering device on the end of the vacuum and clean out the inside. Do NOT use any sort of cleaner or water or anything like that on the wood. If you do only bad things can happen .
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