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I don't know a lot about effects and amp.setting so I would to know , to make a sound like BonJovi in I'll be There For you , Always and Bever Say goodbye what effects and amp. setting I must use?? Thank to all.
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Is that a serious question or are you just being a dick?
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As far as I'm concerned, Boogies descended from heaven on a heavenly A Major soundwave played over a choir of angels singing America/God Save The Queen and giving out free candy.

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Live Richie uses Marshall amps, but in the studio he changes amps really frequently. He rarely ever uses the same effect, amplifier or guitar for the same two songs. So his sound is very difficult to match.

Though I know i'll be there for you was done with a Strat. And Always was probably done with an LP through either a marshall or a fender (because he used a lot of vintage gear around that time), and possibly some kind of roto-vibe for the solo.
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Is that a serious question or are you just being a dick?

That was the point of me asking..

EDIT: But it sounds like Marshalls and tons of effects to me.
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