Hello pit and of course everybody,

I will be buying a snowboard soon. I have been skiing for 8 years. And this will be my third year of snowboarding. I took lessons only the first year and I was able to snowboard on my own last year. So instead of renting I decided to buy one. I can do salalom (the S thing, I dunno it in english). I am good with snowboard but not that good. I cant do any tricks or those high jumps etc.

I am looking for Burton and Salomon.

can you guys recommend me any snowboard from Burton or salomon? There are so many and I dunno how to choose My budget is moderate one.

Thanks in advance,
I guyed one the other day.

Bad decision
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Go to a store where they specialize in snowboarding/surfing and let them advise you, they'll be of more help than the pit
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What's your budget? What kind of riding do you do? How tall are you?
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I am 1.73 meters in height and 70 kg in weight. As I said my budget is moderate not too much not too low. I dont have prefered style but when I was skiiing I liked off road