I had the idea for this after seeing many "post pics of your guitar, guitar you want, ugly guitars, beautiful guitars, etc etc." threads.

So in this thread, post pics of your beloved cases that protect your beloved guitars.
Soft cases, acoustic cases, hardshell cases, no matter what shape, size, or color.
I don't have any pictures on my soft cases, but I have a hardshell Coffin Case on the way, I shall take pictures when it gets here.

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yep alot of cases come with guitars, very generic to the guitar you buy

by a prestige RG or Jem get a form fitting case that is generic for both same with a S, SA, SV and JS same case that is moulded to form fit the guitar.

pointless thread imo.
I have a searchbar case.
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I have a searchbar case.

there is no other "case" thread. not on the first 3 pages of searching for it, anyway. douche.

anyway, as much as i love cases (keep my guitars safe) i have no pictures of them. i don't really know if i want to encourage or discourage a thread about guitar cases, but here's my favorite.

the Seagull TRIC case. Temperature Resistant Impact Case. lightweight and strong enough to drop out of a car. wouldn't want any other case for my acoustic.
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haha i kinda like this idea. sure beats another "what guitar should i get? i play metal, rock, and blues and i have a modeling amp" thread.

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My friend has this Postal Monkey Case, that case is so cool. He has the Checkered one and it has a tuner, and a cool pocket for strings and alot of space for stuff. And it was a strong case, I have to get myself one of those
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I've been considering buying one. I'm going to travel and need a case that can handle being thrown in the cargo( I don't think I'll be carrying with me over the seat). Any idea?
I like the idea of this thread, and so here are some pics of my case..



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