Anyone else use them? If not, I suggest you do, They have such a light and pretty tone that itll bring new life to your guitar, I got a set the other day, I went from Steel to these, Ill never go back!
I think they're too expensive for daily use. I just use them on guitars which I don't play that often, cause elixir strings last longer...

Otherwise I use Pyramid strings...

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I used them once, I wasn't really impressed. I can get better strings which are also cheaper. But it's personal preference, really.
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if you think about it the extra cost of elixir strings really even out, cause i had a set of elixirs on my guitar for 8 months still sounding good, most other strings I use only last 2-3 months and then they lose there nice tones.
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I don't really like strings after they lose their new sound.

At least for recording.. so I wouldn't bother spending that much.. unless I was playing out quite often with an acoustic.
i use elixirs for my 12 string, 6 string and electric guitars, they are the best strings i've ever used, but each to his own. i hate strings that dont sound brand new, and elixir always deliver for me
Yeah they are pretty good, and really smooth as well. Makes it super easy to slide around on. They seem to break the most though compared to Daddario, at least on electric.
Another good thing is if one string breaks you only have to replace the one string and it still sounds balanced because all the strings still sound nice and new.
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That's a good point actually - I may put them on my floyd rose electric so the string changes wouldn't be as often.
jus got them for my 12 string! cant wait to hear them!!

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