I seem to have a problem playing fast riffs on the low strings, my arms get tired very fast. However, I can play on the high strings for hours.

I'm wondering if I am picking the riffs wrong and straining my arms. I use my wrists mostly, but I use some forearm and upper arm when picking.

Also, I have been having nerve problems in my arms(I'm going to doctors for this) so I'm thinking posssibly my technique is fine and its a result of problems with my nerves and muscles, and not my technique at all.
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but I use some forearm and upper arm when picking.

theres your problem
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Maybe your technique is causing your nerve problems?

Dave Mustaine almost lost the use of his fretting hand, and I believe hit had something to do with his technique. However, I could be terribly wrong.
It's all about endurance. Seriously. Do not use your upper arm or elbow for playing riffs. At (very) high tempos, its sometimes recommended to use your elbow a very little bit. In this case, I doubt you will need anything but your wrist for your riffs. Practice using your wrist only. When it gets tired, stop. When it's better, play some more. This builds endurance and gets you used to picking with your wrist. Also, try to reduce the amount of movement your wrist does while picking - this really improves speed and endurance if you get economy of motion down.
I agree with jack hate crew, that is bad technique and something you should rectify.
However, I don't think it's the cause of this specific problem. You need to analyse yourself as you play on both high and low strings, discover what you do differently when playing on the lower strings. You might be placing your wrist at an odd angle (if it's your fretting hand that tires) or it might be that when playing on the higher strings part of your picking hand is anchoring to the lower strings and you're having trouble with lower strings because you've lost your anchor. It could be any number of problems but the first step is always to analyse your playing.
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Maybe your technique is causing your nerve problems?

My doctors don't think guitar is the cause, but they think it could aggravate my condition.

Also, I don't really use my upper arm or forearm too much just when switching from string to string, there is only a very slight movement in my arm.

Who would be some good players that I can look up on youtube to learn proper arm position when techniques from?