first off is the ibanez RG470 in black wow this guitar is smoking. this guitar is from 93' (bolt-on neck not aanj) and it was made in japan (serial # f310195) and wow this guitar is smoking. pickups are hotter then stock ibby pickups. the hsh config. with V7 VS V8 pickups. it has an ibanez edge trem comes with trem arm. not a single scratch on it i take very good care of my guitars. looking for a real nice guitar. dont give me a hunk of junk.

second is my esp ltd b-105 bass. it has one ding but it is only cosmetic and the the saddle on the low G string has been replaced since it was broken off but it doesnt affect playability the bass goes over 340 on musiciansfriend so im looking for offers but i accept all trades on guitars (guitars only since im no bassist)

throw me all your offers =) thanks give me emails so i could send pics since the pics wont fit on here. throw me your offers on the comments or pm me idc thanks for your time