hey im a bassist but i own a guitar too. just wondering what this tuning would be called... for me it sounds pretty cool so... just wanna know what id call it.

EGDGBE, what would i call it? also could drop the E's to D but either way sounds good... i think it sounds nice when you barrfrets like.


dunno if it sounds good with Es being dropped to D's?

whats the tuning called?
not sure but if you dropped the e's to d's it would be open g i believe. and that would sound pretty good, espicially if you played with a slide
Well its just dropping the A string down a step (Unless you drop the E strings a step too) I'm not sure what to call it. I think Weezer dropped the A String down a step to play El Scorcho though.
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It's like half-assed open g pretty much.
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