My 12th fret notes are all sharp compared to the open strings. And no matter how much I turn the screws on my brdige it never changes. Whether I turn it left or right..
Your action is likely too high.
Always tin your strings.


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Are you loosening the string before turning the screw??

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Sharp? Turn it so the saddle moves further from the neck.
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I'm having exactly the same problem as kenvy.
The answer is obvious. If only I'd thought about it for a bit.

Thanks for the help.


Just tried it and it didn't make a bit of difference.
Even loosening the string and moving the saddle all the way back, then retuning didn't change a thing.
I tried lowering the action too, but that didn't help either. With low or high action, when fretting the 12th I get a bit of buzzing from the 13th fret.
Guess I'll just have to live with it, or buy a better guitar.

Thanks anyway.
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Quote by ibanezgod1973
you need to loosen the string so the saddle can move the retune and check.

Thanks man. I'm still adjusting my saddles. My High E, B and D are fixed right now.