hey guys, sorry if this is in the wrong section!

i have been playing on my very old £10 acustic guitar i have had for about 5 years but never really done much on it, recently i picked it back up and started playing on it copying some of the jack johnson and chili peppers tabs and also now making some of my own stuff.
i find this guitar is a little too small for me and in some places not intune as much as i would like (even when i have a tuner)! so does anyone have any ideas for a good guitar under £150? i have looked around on different websites and found a guitar i though was amazing at £100 then it turns out you could buy it from argos for £20 :/
so i kinda need some advice so i don't get ripped off. ]

thanks dudes
Go try them out, its the only way. Its even more essential with acoustics.

EDIT: But if you must by online, look into GAK , and brand wise look into


Fenders acoustics are notouriously bad, but ive heard the CD series guitars, which are in your price range, are decent.
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www.tcellisguitars.com Look on the guitars for sale page and way down the end is a gorgeous hand finished electro acoustic for £99. Great woods and a sort of Ovation-like design. Knowing he won't sell anything that is sub-standard, this has to be an absolute steal.

On faqct, here's a picture
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With acoustics its more about the build quality and the feel not the actual specs. Which means it's not a good idea to buy online. But if you don't have a guitar shop near you or for some other reason you must buy online then I suggest you go on GAK as suggested before and find a Yamaha guitar in your price range. They make amazing guitars, I got my F310 for £80 it's one of their lower end models but it plays great and sounds great.
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wow thanks guys! this is great, and yes unless i hitch 2 hour ride into town i have no other way of trying before buying" i'm in university so finding time to go out is quite hard aswell :/ but thanks a bunch i really appreciate the advice given!

edit: i found this

don't know if you guys wanna check it out and give me some feed back on it
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With Acoustic guitars its almost essential to play the instrument first before purchasing it. I highly recommend Yamaha Guitars as well. I purchased a FG720s a while back and it was worth every penny.