Alright my Mom said she would give me at least 600$ for a new guitar, but I am wondering should I settle for a slightly cheaper guitar and buy some pedals or possibly a new amp. Anyways my current rig is a Fender G-Dec, a Digitech RP-90, and a HSS Squier Strat(lolcheap). I have narrowed down some guitars I might get if I just chose a guitar.

- A 400$ Alexi Laiho Signature Guitar

-An ESP M-200FM

-An Ibanez RG4EXFM1

-A Dean Dave Mustaine VMNTX United Abominations(Possibly the cheapist on this list)

-A B.C. Rich Kerry King V with a Kahler

-A Jackson KVX10

As you can probably tell by that list I play metal. More specifically Power Metal and Melodic Death Metal. So, yeah can you help me out I'd appreciate it alot because I don't want Guitar Center to rip me off :P.

PS. If you know a better guitar then these in the price range PLEASE post it.
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go on ebay, find a 400 series ESP LTD, buy it, fix whatever problems there might be.

I bought my ESP LTD H-400 for 250 dollars and its perfectly fine.

there's another one on there right now for 375, all it needs is a pickup switch replacement, 20 bucks max. there you go.


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What you should look for is a guitar that talks to you even if its hardware is bad. Get a guitar that talks to you no matter how cheap or expensive it is in your price range and then make whatever modifications to it you want in order to make it a better player (Unless it is vintage and doesn't already have mods) Bolt on neck? Put stainless steel screw inserts in the neck and body to make it more stable. Bridge? Get a good one. Pickups? Whatever you want, man! It's YOUR guitar!

And then you can worry about the amplifier. Most people here say "Amp first, then guitar" I say that although the amp is a big part that shouldn't be ignored you can't forget where it starts. You have to have a good guitar, tone wise and playability wise. No fret buzz or tuning woes.
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The thing is I am retarded when it comes to guitar electronics and things of that nature so I don't think me changing pick-ups is a option xD. plus the only place that does do that charges a shitload to do it. Thanks though I'll definatly look into that ESP.
It's not just the pickups, Man. That's near to the final part of the guitar. You won't be able to get tasty tone with a bad fret job.* So if you want something stock the #1 things to look for would be tone and the fret job. You should have a guitar that talks to you and has a fantastic fret job.

* If you like low action.
Always tin your strings.


Don't be afraid to be honest.
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Hmmm... I get what your saying and yes I have tried these guitar with the exception of 2 and they really have fine craftsmanship and the tone speaks to me in a sense, but I wanted more of a experienced opinion on these and not a salesman's pitch they try to give you :P Thanks alot you've helped me alot
Hmm It's a nice axe but it doesn't have exactly some things I want like a tremolo system. Also I never check Musician's Friend.com xD So I only know the Guitar Center Prices and they're expensive.
Holy crap those are more like it I wish my music store had those in stock so I could try them. Thanks a ton dude.