Hey all,
I'm currently using an Arion Stereo Chorus (which I love, btw), but I also want a flanger, tremolo, a GOOD phaser (I've owned a Boss PH-3, MXR Phase 90, and thought they both sucked...) - I like the fact that the MM4 has all of these effects and has a few presets to instantly tap to, seeing as I don't use these effects all together.

I'm wondering what people think about the sounds from the MM4, especially the flanger and phaser, or any pedals you'd recommend instead?

As far a flanger sounds, I'm looking for something like the flanging sounds throughout Flyleaf's "So I Thought"

And as far a phaser goes, I'm looking for something that sounds like the spacey, underwater sounding phaser in Smashing Pumpkins' "Thru the Eyes of Ruby"
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MndsYrcDS4 (it's about 35 seconds in or so)

And I swear to God, if anyone recommends the BF-3 or PH-3.... LOL
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Personally I would go after separate pedals for each of the effects so that I could adjust them on the fly and have the option of using them in different combinations.

As far as sound goes, The Line6 stuff from that line is pretty good. I have the DL-4(the delay from the same line as the MM-4) and it satisfies all my delay needs. I've also used the FM-4 and that was very good as well.
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I'd take a TC nova modulator over a MM 4 anytime, ndI think they are the same price
Hm, idk - apparently the TC Nova has a volume drop problem and you can save presets...?
No suggestions as far as seperate pedals perhaps, based on the tones I linked above?