Hey i was just wondering if i can get some advice on a song i'm in the process of writing. i have very little knowledge in theory but im trying to pick some up.

the chords as of now are:

F C E (x2)
Cm E Am (x2)

C E Am

Am I following any chord progression whatsoever? It sounds pretty good to me
Also, how would I go about choosing a scale to do the lead/solo?

for the solo just jump around the neck and find something that sounds good/right
C major or a minor scale for a solo if its draped over the chorus, the verse wud be more difficult...
for the first half of the verse and chorus use the A melodic minor( a minor with a major 6th and 7th added) scale second half A blues it will allow you to explore various scale systems making exotic yet melodious shredage
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how did you decide on which scales would fit in? or is to complicated without me knowing alot of theory? i know basic theory from piano