Yo, I'm moving back home to Texas soon, I have a 1994 Epipiphone Hummingbird I would like to bring home with me. I have to ship a lot of stuff with a surface shipping company called Excess Baggage and I could put the guitar in a hardcase and inside a box as well, or I could bring it on the airplane with United Airlines in just a hard case.

1st question - which would you guys go with?

2nd question - what should I do to prepare it? Should I adjust (tighten or loosen?) the truss rod? loosen the strings? Remove the strings? I have no idea what to do to prepare a guitar for this kind of trip!
sorry I meant it would have to be checked baggage on the airplane, could not bring it as a carry on.
if you have a good hard case put it in baggage. don't think you'll need to adjust things as long as the case remains dry. you can put fragile stickers all over it too
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a good hard case (make sure its molded to fit the guitar) and put it in a box stuffed with foam