I am the President of the Musicians Club at my High School. Our current "gig" amp is a Laney Linebacker 50 (Solid State) and a Peavey 4x12 cab. It's decent, yet unfortunately it is also falling apart. So, what amp heads would you guys suggest to replace this one? We are currently holding a fundraiser and are expecting around $200, though we may all pitch in to add around $100- $150 extra, so we have about $350 to work with. We all play different styles, though most of us are geared toward Metal.

TL;DR: $350 about, lots of different styles, Metal mostly, MUST be a head

Also, I haven't seen any prices, information or ANYTHING on our current amp, so if anyone knows what they go for/if they still make them, please post the info.
Laney Linebacker 50 (Solid State)
I've heard good things about the B-52 amps as far as for metal, I played one myself and liked the tone- I'm sure you could find some used B-52 heads for around that amount...
You might also be able to find maybe a Peavey XXL for around that price as well?

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