Right now, I record my covers with a camera that's built into a laptop. The gear that I have available:
Amp: Blackstar HT-5
DI box/amp modeling & multi-effects: Line 6 Pod Studio UX1
Camera: Built into the laptop
Computer: Intel Core 2 Duo Mac Mini

So, now i'm looking for products (like microphones, cameras) and software, to record covers with better quality. Or instructions on how to do it with what I already have. I've tried recording the sound via the Pod Studio, and pasting it over the video, but it got removed from YouTube for copyright infringment (and I had trouble getting the audio and video in sync). So.. any recommendations, people?
Ditch the camera idea if you want better recordings unless you want them just for Youtube. You already have an interface so Id recommend downloading Audacity, which is a free recording program (DAW). If your amp has a line out you can plug that into the interface and record direct, I think the pod has amp modeling also so you can mess around laying down tracks and get to know the daw. As far as mics go...... the SM57 gets alot of run, its not the holy grail but every studio has at least one.

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has some good info
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Audacity wil let you down here i think. Get reaper, it has a free trail and it's just 60$

Try to get a camera that gives you clear and good videos with sound. Use an amp model or mic your amp. It is important that the camera hears the amp too.

Record, then press record on your camera. Afterwards you get the vid from the camera into your computer and impotrs it into reaper. When you got both your recording and your vid on reaper. You can see the cams soundwaves and your recording's. sync them and mute the sound from the video and then you're there i think.

I haven't tried this, it's just a theory, but i think it will work.

Sorry for messy post.