This is NOT spam, i repeat NOT spam!.


that is a website that can help you get guitar stuff like picks, capos, strings and actual guitars without paying your own money.

once again this is not spam i just wanted to post this thread to help people cause this is how i got my ovation guitar and my martin guitar.

That link it will take you right to it, ill even tell you the catc to it cause of course there will be one cause not everything is really "free". What you will be doing is making points, and to make those points you fill out offers or play games (the games cost 10 points but you can win up to 117 points at one time from the card game) now the offers are not hard and dont take that long, and by offer i mean ads like you put in your first and last name,email and blah blah blah and thats it you go to your email click the activation link mark the offer as completed and boom you get however many points that offer is worth and your done.

The points you get add up trust me ive only been on the website a little over a week and i made enough for 2 guitars, and the guitars were 3,000 points pretty sick and easy, you can also get ps3's , xbox 360's and other systems.

the way the prizes work is you go to spend points tab on the website and it directs you to amazon and thats where your prizes come from pretty sick if you ask me.


Oh and you get 250 points for just signing up and registering .

So go to the link i typed o n here its fun and you wont regret i promise you.
Oh, well you've said it isn't spam so it must not be.
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Im pretty sure this is spam.... >_>

Judging by the fact that your username and the link that you gave us are pretty much the same, AND that you just happened to register for this site today, it makes it pretty difficult to believe otherwise...

Even if you had good intentions, its still pretty much spam, bro...
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