I really like this whole thing (and thats saying a lot as I hate metalcore) it has a somewhat generic feel to it works because there's enough of your own ideas in it. I enjoyed the first 2 riffs the most. The one issue I had was the drums, they were pretty bad so what you have to far i'd give a solid 7.8/10 keep with this though there's some very nice stuff!
P.S. i'd be happy to change the drums up for you if you would like
Of course, i'll try to have a done asap. Yeah i'm mainly a pianist because thats what im majoring in but i'm minoring in drums so i like to think i'm decent. I should have it up within an hour or so and then you should have quite a bad ass sounding track on your hands
I like the overall sound of your song. But it feels a bit too generic for my taste. The solo has some cool moments but also some strange moments that feel a bit forced. I think the chanting part will be awesome! would like to hear that with vocals. The build up to the climax is pretty cool!
Different drums could indeed do some wonders.. because the generic feeling is emphasized by the boring drum parts.
Also you may want to try some harmonizing on the intro and verse riffs. too spice it up a little.

anyway there's some potential in this one bro!
keep working on it.

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