Hi guys

Looking for either a strat or tele within the next month.
Budget is no more than £600.

I play different types of music e.g. Chilli peppers, Led Zep, The Beatles, Hendrix, The Smiths, Kings of Leon etccc...

Been for playing for over 2 years, so would say i was intermediate, i currently have an Ibanez RG350Dx and just looking for something a bit more versatile.

Been looking at the Highway one Strats and 50/60's teles.

Any advice welcome, cheers
get a strat, especially if you want to play hendrix
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hmm... I went from an RG350EX to a Tele and never looked back, great for Chili's and Hendrix

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Personally I have never played a Tele. But I do own a Strat. It's great for Hendrix stuff and perfect for Frusciante stuff too. I suggest a Strat.
get the blackout tele, or nashville power tele, easily as versatile as a strat
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Whats your amp?

Line6 Spider III.... i no its not great and this site heavily criticises it, but looking to trade in soon and upgrade